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2010 Archive - Nufarm

2010 Archive

17 Dec 2010 Sumitomo Chemical and Nufarm reach toll manufacturing agreement in Australia as part of ongoing co-operation program (PDF 76KB)
Nufarm Australia, a wholly owned affiliate of Nufarm Limited (Nufarm), and Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd (SCAL), a wholly owned affiliate of Sumitomo Chemical Company (Sumitomo Chemical), have reached agreement on new toll manufacturing arrangements for a number of Sumitomo Chemical’s products in Australia.

15 Dec 2010 Nufarm completes refinancing (PDF 101KB)
Nufarm Limited confirmed today that it has completed the $900 million refinancing package announced on November 30. The new syndicated bank facility replaces interim financing arrangements that terminate today.

01 Dec 2010 Company Announcement (PDF 126KB)
Nufarm accepts ASIC infringement notice
and agrees to enforceable undertakings.

30 Nov 2010 Nufarm announces bank debt refinancing arrangements (PDF 110KB)
Nufarm Limited announced today that it has executed credit approved term sheets for a new $900 million syndicated bank facility that will refinance Nufarm’s existing bilateral banking facilities that are due to expire on December 15, 2010. The term sheets for the new facility have been credit approved by Rabobank, ANZ, NAB and HSBC.

27 Sep 2010 Nufarm secures agreement with banks (PDF 113KB)
Nufarm Limited announced today that it has secured waivers on its banking covenants in respect of the periods ending July 31, 2010 and October 30, 2010. Nufarm's lenders have also agreed to provide a funding facility for the period through to mid December.

01 Sep 2010 Market Update (PDF 112KB)
Nufarm Limited announced today that preliminary and unaudited analysis of 2010 year end results confirms that the net operating profit for the company will be within the $55 million - $65 million range indicated by management in its July 14 market update.

29 Jul 2010 US and Canadian regulatory authorities confirm final agreement on AH Marks
The US and Canadian competition authorities have released statements confirming a final agreement with Nufarm on measures taken to ensure appropriate levels of competition following Nufarm's acquisition (in March 2008) of AH Marks Holdings Limited.

15 Jul 2010 Nufarm clarifies position on banking covenants
Nufarm Limited's banking facilities involve the following covenant ratios: Net debt to equity (gearing); Net debt to EBITDA; EBITDA to net interest.

14 Jul 2010 Trading Update & Revision of Guidance
Nufarm Limited today provided an update on trading conditions and revised its 2010 year-end profit guidance for the 12 months ending on July 31.

14 Jul 2010 Conference call re: Trading Update (mp3 audio file: 50.7 MB)
Audio file of conference call.

14 Jul 2010 Donald McGauchie appointed Chairman of Nufarm Limited (PDF 113KB)
Mr Donald McGauchie has been confirmed as the new Chairman of Nufarm Limited. Mr McGauchie succeeds Mr Kerry Hoggard who has retired from the Nufarm Board due to serious health considerations.

13 Jul 2010 Nufarm Chairman retires due to health considerations (PDF 87KB)
Nufarm Limited announced today that the company Chairman, Mr Kerry Hoggard, has informed the Board that he is unable to continue in his role due to health considerations and is retiring from the Board with immediate effect.

05 Jul 2010 Nufarm Limited and Sumitomo Chemical Company co-operate to combat glyphosate resistant weeds (PDF 121KB)
Sumitomo Chemical Company (a 20% shareholder of Nufarm Ltd) today announced that it is co-operating with Nufarm to develop a joint approach to combating glyphosate resistant weeds.

28 May 2010 Nufarm comments on global glyphosate segment (PDF 92KB)
Nufarm Limited today made a number of comments on the global glyphosate segment. This follows announcements from Monsanto that it is repositioning its glyphosate business and has lower expectations for glyphosate earnings. Nufarm has commented that the adjusted earnings guidance relating to Monsanto's glyphosate business has limited implications for Nufarm's own business and earnings outlook.

19 May 2010 Nufarm acquires US sunflower business (PDF 111KB)
Nufarm Limited announced today that it has acquired the oilseed and confection sunflower interests of California based Flower Genetics LLC. Flower Genetics is involved in the breeding, production and marketing of elite sunflower hybrids.

16 Apr 2010 Completion of Sumitomo Tender Offer (PDF 86KB)
We refer to the tender offer (Offer) by Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited (Sumitomo) to acquire up to 20% of the total issued shares in Nufarm Limited (Nufarm) which closed at 7pm (Melbourne time) on 9 April 2010 (Offer Close).

12 Apr 2010 Sumitomo tender offer unconditional and calculation of scale-back (PDF 120KB)
We refer to the tender offer (Offer) by Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited (Sumitomo) to acquire up to 20% of the total issued shares in Nufarm Limited (Nufarm) which closed on 7pm (Melbourne time) on 9 April 2010 (Offer Close).

29 Mar 2010 Sale of 3 million Nufarm shares by Doug Rathbone (PDF 107KB)
Nufarm’s Managing Director, Doug Rathbone, announced today that he has reduced his shareholding in the company in order to pay down debt associated with his personal and family interests outside of Nufarm.

22 Jan 2010 Sumitomo Board approves strategic investment in Nufarm (PDF 174KB )
Today Nufarm confirms that it has been advised by Sumitomo that the Sumitomo Board has considered and approved the proposed strategic investment in Nufarm in accordance with the terms in the MoU. Under those terms, the Nufarm Board will (in the absence of a superior proposal) unanimously recommend the proposal from Sumitomo to acquire up to 20% of the issued ordinary shares of Nufarm from eligible Nufarm shareholders for $14.00 cash per share via a tender offer (the “Tender Offer”).