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2014 Archive - Nufarm

2014 Archive

01 Oct 2014 Nufarm announce exclusive partnership with Phytech to develop new plant monitoring technology (PDF 124KB)
Nufarm Australia and Israel based technology firm Phytech have made an exclusive agreement to jointly develop a proprietary plant monitoring system in Australia and New Zealand.

15 Apr 2014 Nufarm to close NZ manufacturing plant (PDF 209KB)
Nufarm Limited announced today that, following a review of its New Zealand manufacturing operations, it will close the facility at Otahuhu, near Auckland, and further consolidate regional manufacturing activity at its existing Laverton (Victoria) facilities.

18 Mar 2014 Nufarm announces reorganisation of Australian operations (PDF 486KB)
Nufarm Limited today announced a reorganisation of its Australian operations which will result in a more flexible and responsive cost structure and an increased focus on new product development and customer service.

13 Mar 2014 Nufarm launches ‘grow a better tomorrow’ global brand position (PDF 258KB)
Nufarm today revealed its new global mission statement and brand promise: grow a better tomorrow.

12 Feb 2014 Executive re-organisation (PDF 345KB)
Nufarm Limited today announced a partial re-organisation of its executive management team to better reflect the strategic priorities of the business.

03 Feb 2014 Sustainable DHA omega-3 canola closer to reality (PDF 181KB)
A significant milestone was achieved late last year by Australia’s long-chain omega-3 canola research collaboration when it produced DHA oil levels equal to that found in wild fish.
The collaboration, formed in 2011 between Nuseed, the CSIRO and the GRDC, aims to develop a genetically modified canola that will produce long-chain omega-3 oil at levels equal to that of wild fish.
“With more people around the world consuming long-chain omega-3 oils for the associated health benefits, a sustainable solution is needed to take pressure off our wild fish stocks and provide an alternate source,” said Dr Malcolm Devine, Nuseed’s global innovation lead.

31 Jan 2014 Sale of Nufarm shares by Doug Rathbone (PDF 349 KB)
Nufarm’s Managing Director and CEO, Doug Rathbone, today announced that he has sold the
majority of his shareholding in the Company and entered into a derivative transaction with respect to
a portion of the remaining shares held by him and his associated family entities.

30 Jan 2014 Nufarm to distribute Valent Turf, Ornamental and Aquatics products in USA (PDF 282KB)
Nufarm Limited announced today that it has reached agreement with Valent U.S.A. Corporation, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited, to secure marketing and distribution rights to Valent branded products for the US turf, ornamental and aquatics market.

24 Jan 2014 Market update (PDF 180KB)
Nufarm Limited today confirmed that it expects to generate a first half result within the previous guidance range provided at the AGM in early December 2013 of EBIT $50 million - $60 million, albeit towards the lower end of that range.