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Archived News 2008 - Nufarm Australia

Archived News 2008

08 Oct 08

Sempra Release - Eliminate the problem of Nutgrass (PDF 52KB)

Sempra is a highly targeted speciality product for the treatment of weeds from the Sedge family, which includes Nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch.

30 Jun 08

Peter Kirby, new Turf & Amenity Manager for Nufarm (PDF 37KB)

Nufarm Specialty is pleased to announce that Peter Kirby has joined the Nufarm Specialty Products Division as Product Development Manager - Amenity Horticulture, Turf and Ornamentals.

15 Apr 08

Nufarm further expands Forestry portfolio (47KB)

Nufarm is pleased to announce the registration of two new plant protection products with GRUNT® herbicide and Regent® 200 SC insecticide now added to its forestry portfolio.

15 Apr 08

New Product Guide - Tri-Base Blue - Now Available

The new Tri-Base Blue Product Guide has just been released.

01 May 08

APVMA concludes its review of atrazine (PDF 51KB)

The APVMA today announces that it has concluded the final component of its review into atrazine, a herbicide used in Australia for decades to control grass and weeds.

19 Mar 08

'Prepare For The Boom': a Nufarm presentation on the changing face of Agriculture (PDF 1.15MB)

Presented by DJ Rathbone to the Wimmera Grain Company, Regional Agricultural Forum.

15 Feb 08

Global demand drives increasing pressure on glyphosate costs (PDF 53KB)

Substantial global pressure on glyphosate supplies is pushing raw material costs up and
resulting in further price rises in markets all around the world.