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ELIMINAR™ C - A Smart Choice for Wild Radish Control

The Picolinafen Difference

ELIMINAR C contains 250 g/L of bromoxynil but it is the use of picolinafen combined with bromoxynil that makes ELIMINAR C a smart choice for wild radish control. This is because picolinafen is stronger than diflufenican on a gram for gram basis, providing ELIMINAR C with greater knockdown ability on key weeds.


Best Performing Group C & Group F Herbicide Available

ELIMINAR C is the best performing Group C and Group F herbicide available on the market as it is the only standalone product that combines the benefits of picolinafen and bromoxynil.

Two Leaf Stage Application

ELIMINAR C can be used from the two leaf stage (Z12) to the end of the tillering stage (Z29) in the cereal crop cycle, allowing for early weed control and greater yield potential.

Optimal Results When Used as Part of a 2 Spray Strategy

ELIMINAR C provides optimal weed control when used as the first spray of a 2 spray strategy, particularly when targeting wild radish.

Registered to Control or Suppress 51 Different Weeds

ELIMINAR C is registered to control and suppress 51 different weeds, minimising seed-set so growers can get back on top of problem weeds.

Australian Developed

ELIMINAR C has been fully developed in Australia for local conditions making it the smart choice for Australian growers to control wild radish.

For more information on ELIMINAR C, contact your local Nufarm Area Sales Manager.
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