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The Xpert in cereal disease control.

Tazer® Xpert gives growers the flexibility of using just one cereal foliar fungicide product for all key fungal pathogens across the growing season, with key features including:
• New, lower rates of 500 ml/ha when used with 1% Banjo®
• Premium cereal fungicide with dual mode of action for resistance management and greater efficacy
• Registered for all key pathogens in barley, wheat and oats
• Optimised ratio to improve efficacy against target pathogens
• Suspension concentrate formulation for improved crop safety
• Reliable compatibility with key tank mix partners for peace of mind

Tazer Xpert is a new cereal fungicide developed by Nufarm containing 80g/L azoxystrobin and 31g/L expoxiconazole with maximised active loads to optimise disease control and provide plant health benefits, green canopy management and increased yields.

With registrations in barley, wheat and oats, this formulation was made possible after extensive trial work including broad user reliability trials under Australian conditions over many seasons.

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Registrations include a 500ml/ha application rate in barley with the addition of Banjo that provide excellent control of spot form/net form net blotch, powdery mildew and leaf rust. As a result of the lower rate range, growers can have a cost effective disease control solution whilst not compromising product performance when mixed with Banjo.

In 2014, a replicated field trial was established in barley at South Stirling in WA. Where Tazer Xpert was applied, a higher yield was achieved along with a healthier looking crop.

"The crop was definitely greener where Tazer Xpert was applied" said grower John Howard. "The paddock yield is usually very even so the half tonne yield increase from using Tazer Xpert would be entirely due to the fungicide".

Tazer Xpert provides growers the flexibility to carry just one cereal foliar fungicide for all key fungal pathogens across the entire season.

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