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Terrain l What's Your Mix? - Nufarm Australia

Discover how Terrain can work for you.

Terrain® is the perfect partner to a wide range of Nufarm herbicides and supports most winter or grain legume pre-sowing cropping programs. It provides excellent , economical burndown on a wide range of broadleaf weeds including wild radish, wireweed and vines, as well as certain grasses and volunteer crops.

Terrian partners with a range of products such as Amicide® Advance 700, weedmaster® ARGO®, or Avadex® Xtra to provide a clean start to the cropping season. Terrain contains the molecule flumioxazin, which inhibits an enzyme in the synthesis of chlorophyll, thereby causing rupturing of the plant cell wall and rapid necrosis. Sunlight also plays an important role in the process, with light intensity speeding up brownout.

  • • Terrain is highly compatible with a wide range of knockdown herbicides including weedmaster ARGO and Avadex Xtra to provide a clean start to the winter or summer cropping season
  • • Low, economical rates of 30 g/ha, that can be applied immediately prior to sowing cereal and pulse crops
  • • Excellent control on a range of broadleaf weeds, as well as certain grasses and volunteer crops


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