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Results and Presentations

Annual General Meeting
December, 2011
Chairman's address

Managing Director's address


2011 AGM Chairman's address (60KB)

2011 AGM Managing Director's address (90KB)

2011 AGM Presentation (741KB)

2011 AGM Managing Director's Address (52MB MP3) Audio (47 MB mp3)

Full Year Results 2011
Preliminary announcement


2011 Full Year Preliminary Announcement (PDF 176KB) (176KB)

2011 Full Year Financials (PDF 4.27MB) (3.23MB)

Full Year Results briefing 2011
Briefing to Fund Managers

Conference call

2011 Full Year Briefing (PDF 1.16MB) (1.6MB)

2011 Conference call - Audio file (33MB mp3) Audio (44MB mp3)

JP Morgan Conference 2011
July, 2011

2011 JP Morgan Conference (936KB)

PACIA National Conference 2011
June, 2011

2011 PACIA Conference (1.66MB)

Macquarie 12th Annual Australian Conference, Sydney
May, 2011

Investor Briefing

2011 Investor briefing (1.1MB)

Interim Results briefing 2011
Briefing to Fund Managers
2011 Interim Results briefing (1.4MB)

2011 Interim results briefing (audio file) Audio (86.18 MB mp3)
Interim Results 2011
Report to Shareholders & Financials

Conference call

2011 Interim Results (Report to Shareholders & Financials) (3.03 MB)

2011 Interim results conference call (audio file) Audio (37.61 MB mp3)
Credit Suisse Annual Global Ag Productivity Conference
March, 2011

Investor Briefing

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