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Avadex Xtra & TriflurX - the technical stuff

Launched into the Australian cereal market in the 1960’s, Trifluralin revolutionised grass weed control in cereal production.

In the 1980’s, new products were released to control annual ryegrass in cereals including Group A herbicides (diclofop-methyl) such as Nugrass and Hoegrass, and Group B (chlorsulfuron and triasulfuron) such as Lusta, Glean and Nugran.

Many growers opted to use post-emergents or non-incorporated pre-emergent methods to control weeds such as annual ryegrass. However, cross-resistance to these product groups caused growers to reassess their weed control programs and implement herbicide management programs, of which TriflurX continues to play an important part today.

Different points of uptake and modes of action (MOA) improve annual ryegrass and wild oat control. Post-emergents have been used extensively in the past so the use of a pre-em helps relieve some of the pressure on Group A & B herbicides.

The complementary MOA found in the Avadex Xtra and TriflurX combination improve efficacy and widen the weed spectrum controlled. The aim is to preserve as much chemistry for as long as possible to ensure that we have it in our 'toolbox' for future use.


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