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Application - Avadex Triflurx

Get the best out of Avadex Xtra and TriflurX?

Avadex Xtra and TriflurX are more than just a wild oat control combination.

Key weeds such as annual ryegrass, wild oats and wireweed are controlled, along with other grass weed such as phalaris and sliver grass, and broadleaf weeds like fumitory. Additionally, weeds on the soil surface like brome grass, barley grass, doublegee, caltrop and speedwell are supressed by the application mix.

And it does make a difference by applying Avadex Xtra and TriflurX as a mix with an additifive effect on ryegrass and wild oats as compared with making separate applications.

Ryegrass populations with low to moderate levels of trifluralin resistance can be adequately controlled.


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