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Benefits - Avadex Triflurx

The benefits of using Avadex Xtra and TriflurX

Avadex Xtra and TriflurX control more weeds than
any competitor product.

  • Improve control of annual ryegrass and wild oats through the synergies of the two actives
  • There are 19 weeds registered on label for this tank mix
  • The earlier a weed is controlled, the more the crop benefits - prevent the competiton of weeds from the time of sowing
  • Reduce reliance on Group A and B chemistries
  • Part of a herbicide management strategy
  • Give 6 – 14 weeks residual control depending on conditions
  • Compatible with many products to provide even more cost-effective, one pass weed control
  • Formulated for Australian conditions
  • Available in 20L and refillable 110L and 1,000L containers - three pack sizes to suit the operations' requirements
  • No adverse effect on under-sown pasture legumes - whilst this practice may not be followed all that often, this safety benefit is an advantage to those running stock as part of their operation
  • Nationwide technical support from Nufarm - 19 Sales members and 8 R&D staff are availble for assistance in the field, with many others also available when necessary

More than just ryegrass control!

Trials through the Australian wheat belt show that crops treated with Avadex XTRA pre-emergent averaged 10% more grain than crops treated with post-emergents.

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