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Cereals - Nufarm Europe


Nufarm Europe serves European cereal grain farmers with a range of solutions that ensure farmers receive a sustainable quality return on their cropping.

We help them by simplify farming and developing products that ensure high levels of harvest and grain quality. Over the years, Nufarm has been serving the market with high quality solutions; this will be combined in future with a strong focus on innovation in all segments – Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, growth regulators and Seed treatment products.

In order to build innovative solutions, we base our research on the most well known and powerful active ingredients and develop new reliable solutions, which are easy to use. For example providing solutions which deal with the increasing population of resistant weeds, or controlling diseases in cereals that ensure sustainable resistance management.

Today Nufarm offers you key leading brands, such as:
• Kyleo®: effective weed control on stubble
• Carmina max®: highly efficient grass weed control in all autumn cereal crops
• Tazer®: multi crop Fungicide
• Alliance®: the basis of your cereal weed control in spring and autumn
• KaisoSorbie®: a new formulation for quick knock-down and long-term residual control on insects

Make your cereal production profitable and easy to handle by using solutions from Nufarm.

Nufarm in Cereals – We simplify farming.

Your contact in Nufarm for cereal crop and products:

Carl-David Trozelli Carl-David Trozelli