Diversity - Nufarm Europe


A formal process to collect global gender and cultural diversity statistics was established and we reviewed the board selection criteria to ensure gender diversity is encouraged. In 2012 we had 2,826 permanent employees. We also engage employees on a casual or temporary basis mainly in manufacturing.

In Europe, Middle East and Africa we employ 930 people, 50 % in Sales, Marketing and Portfolio Management and 50 % in Operations.

Focus on diversity
As a global company, Nufarm recruits people from around the world. We believe that our employees from many different cultures, linguistic and national backgrounds provide us with valuable knowledge for understanding and operating profitably in complex international markets. Our company language is English.

In 2012 we undertook a review of diversity at Nufarm to better understand our profile and identify opportunities for improvement. In response, we introduced a diversity policy which is available to read on our global website. We also reviewed a number of practices to ensure they supported diversity. These included a review of flexible working hours, recruitment and selection processes, expatriate and relocation policies.