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Managing Resistance - Nufarm Europe

Managing Resistance

Pesticide resistance is one of the biggest issues currently facing agriculture in Europe, and globally. Nufarm has recognised the importance of this issue and has, therefore invested a significant amount of R&D resources to develop a comprehensive range of effective solutions, while continuing to protect crops from pests.

Nufarm Europe’s range of innovative herbicide formulations containing multiple active ingredients sourced from the herbicide family of Phenoxies, with a long standing reputation for being resistance breakers, provide innovative crop protection solutions to European farmers. Kyleo® is an example of such a formulation, specifically developed in Europe and proven and tested in Europe for European farmers. With an extensive herbicide range and numerous modes of actions available, Nufarm are in the best position to be able to provide a complete package to manage resistance in integrated weed management programs.

Although Nufarm’s proven track record is centered on herbicides, it has embarked on an aggressive program of product development in fungicides and insecticides specifically targeted for European conditions. Enhanced efficacy through inclusion of resistance breakers, environmental safety, incorporation into IPM programs and enhanced operator safety are key criteria for the development of these new solutions for our customers. KaisoSorbie®, a unique patented dust-free granular formulation of Lambda-Cyhalothrin is the product of a global development effort between Nufarm Australia Ltd. and Nufarm Europe. This product brings to the European farmer efficacy, ease of use and remarkable operator safety.