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Non-Crop - Nufarm Europe


Nufarm Europe remains focused on the solutions we provide to our customers in European Non-Crop markets.

As a leading company in the Non-Crop business in Europe, Nufarm continually develops and supports innovative and cost efficient solutions for our customers in this market segment.

What Non-Crop means for Nufarm Europe? Any product used on the following markets:
• Industrial and railways weed management
• Turf & Amenities, Golf & Sport courses, lawn care
• Ornamentals and flowering bulbs, nurseries
• Forestry
• Home & garden products
• Biocides / Pest management

Nufarm aims to focus on specific customer needs. We offer exclusive solutions, which are technically adapted to end user constraints. This approach, supported by Nufarm's 4 manufacturing sites across the European region means we can deliver quality products when our customers need them.

Nufarm in Non-Crop - We simplify farming.

Your contact in Nufarm for Non-Crop:

Lionel Orcel Lionel Orcel