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Sustainability - Nufarm Europe


As a company engaged in the development, production and supply of crop protection products, Nufarm is committed to the principles of sustainability which has been demonstrated by well established reporting on our performance against various health, safety and environmental parameters - more recently refined into a full sustainability report. Efforts aimed at improving the health, safety and environmental performance (HS&E) ally on Responsible Care®, an initiative of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). The proper management of crop protection products throughout their whole life-cycles, as described in the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management (FAO, 2013) is recognized as an integral part of this and stands as a joint commitment of the Crop Protection Companies who hold membership of the European Crop Protection Agency (ECPA).

Product Stewardship is defined as the responsible and ethical management of a product throughout its life-cycle, i.e. from its invention to its ultimate use and beyond.
In the Crop Protection Industry it aims ensure good operating practices, so maximizing product benefits, resulting in high quality food, feed, industrial usages and simultaneously minimizing risks to human health and the environment, continiously buidling consumer and stakeholder confidence.

Nufarm’s strategic initiatives in developing ONE EUROPE, to become a co-leader in European, African and Middle East markets, the company reinforces its commitment on Product Stewardship in the region. We are developing structured initiatives to clearly define and implement PS principles, requirements and measures which are of relevance to Nufarm’s activities European markets.

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