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TPVV (Top Fruits, Potatoes, Vine and Vegetables) - Nufarm Europe

TPVV (Top Fruits, Potatoes, Vine and Vegetables)

Fruits and vegetables represents by far the most diverse crop segment and accounts for 17% of the production value of European agriculture and 34% of the jobs in the agricultural domain. By adding potatoes, with 324 million tonnes of an annual production, and around EUR 90 Billion in wine production, fruits and vegetables make up a quarter of the total value grown in agriculture in the European Union.

Sustainable production of fruits and vegetables is one of the most ambitious tasks for the farmers, who require reliable partners in the food chain - partners who support farmers with suitable solutions for their markets. Nufarm is amongst them. The company is engaged, as a core objective, in the development, production and supply of crop protection solutions, to support the farmer to secure his crop harvest.

Relying on our core molecule portfolio, we are investing in novel solutions providing an advanced level of sustainable efficacy to protect your fruit and vegetable crops. Sustainable resistance management as an integral part of Integrated Crop Management is top of mind for us.

We are committed to continously increasing our product portfolio, motivated to serve farmers with even better solutions in the future.

Those are:
• Champ® DP:
Dust free, free flowable granules Copper. High efficacy, easy to measure, safe handling.
• Kyleo®:
Best in class for efficacy herbicides. The weeds are easier to manage in your orchards.
• Cuproxat®:
Liquid formulation of copper, easy for you, soft for your crops, and still as efficient.
• Kaiso sorbie®:
Fast acting insecticide; kill them before they damage your fruits.

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Your contact in Nufarm for TPVV (Top Fruits, Potatoes, Vine and Vegetables) and products:

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