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Executive Management - Nufarm

Executive Management

The Nufarm operations are coordinated by a global management team with extensive experience in the business.

The team have the support of a strongly committed group of managers and staff across all its business activities.

Greg Hunt

Managing Director and
Chief Executive Officer
Joined 2012

James Barkhouse

Group Executive, Customer & Commercial
Joined 2018

Paul Binfield

Chief Financial Officer
Joined 2011

Megan Fletcher

Group Executive
Corporate Affairs
Joined 2017

Rodney Heath

Group Executive
Corporate Services &
Company Secretary
Joined 1980

John Holding

Group Executive
People & Performance
Joined 2017

Michelle Monteiro

Group Executive, Growth
Joined 2013

Niels Pörksen

Group Executive
Portfolio Solutions
Joined 2014

Elbert Prado

Group Executive
Manufacturing & Supply Chain. Acting General Manager, Latin America
Joined 2013

Brent Zacharias

Group Executive
Joined 2006

Son Tick Chen

General Manager, Asia

Brendan Deck

General Manager, North America
Joined 2012

Peter O'Keeffe

General Manager, Australia & New Zealand
Joined 2014

Hugo Schweers

General Manager, Europe