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Nufarm's cereal herbicide range

Nufarm market a strong range of cereal herbicides from Arelon for the control of broadleaved weeds and Annual meadowgrass to well known products such as Duplosan KV. Duplosan controls weeds such as Fat Hen and Cleavers which are often not well controlled by sulfonyl urea herbicides.

Duplosan KV mimics natural plant hormones and has a different mode of action to the biggest group of herbicides called ALS inhibitors. Resistance to ALS inhibitors is become more widespead and Duplosan KV and other products in the range such as Agritox offer an alternative mode of action helping to manage resistance problems

Septoria control with Joules

Septoria is spread by rain splash and the most common disease in winter wheat in Ireland. This disease is capable of causing major yield reductions. Septoria is also showing signs of becoming less sensitive to even the best triazole fungicides on the market. Joules contains chlorothalonil
Septoria shown here is becoming less
sensitive to many triazole fungicides.

Nufarm broadleaved weed identification chart

Download Nufarm's broadleaved weed identification chart

With many new agronomy trainees and young farmers entering the industry now, Nufarm have produced a weed seedling identification chart which is available to download. It is always difficult to identify young broadleaved weeds. This chart shows over 50 weeds species at a growth stage when many herbicides are applied. It is often the case that weeds in the same family are susceptible to the same herbicide. Nufarm have colour coded each species according to the family it belongs to
To dowload a PDF of the weed chart click here
To download a PDF copy of Nufarm's broadleaved weed identification chart click here (518 KB)