Phenoxy herbicides - Nufarm Ireland

60 years of success with Phenoxy herbicides

Sixty years ago a group of products called phenoxies were invented in Britain and the United States. Phenoxies are a general term now used for a group of herbicides that mimic the effect of natural plant growth hormones called auxins. These hormones can only be found in plants. Auxins regulate the growth of the plant and one of their functions is to make the plant grow towards the light. Phenoxies have the same mode of action as auxins, overdosing the plant leading to uncontrolled growth, thickening and twisting causing the plant to grow itself to death. Phenoxies are truly systemic and travel throughout the plant.

Low cost solution for grassland weeds

Phenoxies are the only solution for many grassland weed species. For some of the top weeds such as Thistles, Docks and Nettles, phenoxies can give excellent control. Choice of the right product and application at the best timing is important.

No resistance problems

Because phenoxies mimic a natural plant hormone it is very difficult for a weed to develop resistance. Unlike many modern chemicals, there have been few resistance issues with phenoxies.

No residue issues with manure

There are no problems of residues in manure with this chemistry.