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Turf Maintenance Products - Nufarm Malaysia

Turf Maintenance Products

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Brand Name


Lesco Controlled Release Fertilizer
There are 3 types of granular slow release fertilizer :
a) Greens/Tees Grade Fertilizers
b) Mini Grade Fertilisers
c) Fairway Grade Fertilisers
Aquatrols & Wettasoil Soil Wetting Agents
Aquatrol Primer Select, Aquatrol Dispatch, Wettasoil liquid , Wettasoil Granular
Liquid Fertilizer

Lesco Chelated Iron Plus, Lesco Micromix Chelated, Green Flo 30-0-0, Green Flo 0-0-25
Green Flo Greens & Tees 14-0-13 , Green Flo Hi-K 9-0-17 , Coron Quickstart 14-3.9-7.2 + TE

Soil Amendment Products
Nuturf Calrite, Nuturf Hy-Mag
Becker-Underwood Colorant
Lake Colourant WSP, Turf Mark Liquid, Turf Mark Tablets, Green Lawnger
Turf Herbicides
526g/ L DSMA
Turf Growth Regulator
Lesco Turf Accessories
Lesco Hi-Wheel Rotary Spreader (stainless steel frame), Drag Mat 3’ x 5’, Drag Mat 6’ x 5’ Lever Action Hole Cutter (with Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge) ,Cup Regulation – Aluminum, white, Cup Practice Green Tapered Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks ¾” – 7 ½ ft tall (bright yellow & black), Flags tubular nylon – plain red, yellow, white and blue, Accuform AccuCurv Bunker Rake (with Green Honeycomb Fiberglass Handle), Bunker Pro Rake-Head Only,Bunker rake Handle – Fiberglass green,Master Ball Washer (Red), Marking Paint Applicator, Lesco Paint Tournament White, Yellow, Red, Accoform Roller Squeegee