Corasil Product Details


A plant growth regulator for the improvement of fruit size in oranges and mandarins.

  • An innovative crop management tool to increase the marketable yield of citrus trees.

  • Increases the proportion of large, high value fruit at harvest.

  • Registered for use on oranges and mandarins.

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

25g/L Dichlorprop-p
Emulsifiable concentrate

Corasil is a plant growth regulator for oranges and mandarins. When applied at the correct time Corasil will increase fruit size by 2-3mm in diameter, delivering more premium grade fruit, increased yield and return on investment.

Mode of Action

The active constituent in Corasil is dichlorprop-P, an auxin based growth regulator. The product mimics a group of natural plant hormones known as auxins and increases fruit size by causing an increase in the size of locules and juice vesicles in fruit.

Increased Fruit Size

In field trials conducted by Nufarm, local industry groups and research organisations, Corasil has increased fruit size and as a result significantly improved pack-out performance.

Other Benefits

• Earlier harvest may occur which has the potential to attract higher prices
• Rind colour may be improved however Corasil does not increase rind thickness
• Corasil may increase stalk strength by increasing the thickness of stalks making them less likely to abcise


Timing is crucial when applying Corasil. Best results are achieved when Corasil is applied at physiological drop when the fruit are no longer increasing cell numbers. Applied at this growth stage Corasil will increase juice accumulation and which will translate into increases in fruit size. Corasil has virtually no thinning effect. Late applications do not work.


Fruit diameter at application

Label : 8 - 20mm
Preferred : 8 - 14mm

Label : 12-30mm
Preferred : 12 - 22mm





Fruitlets 8-20mm. Use the low rate only at early timings. Do not apply when mature fruit from the previous season is still present.
Fruitlets 12-30mm. Do not apply when mature fruit from the previous season is still present.



Apply Corasil with a non-ionic sufactant to assist spray coverage. Contact Xcel at a rate of 25 -50ml/100L is recommended.

Spray Volume

Apply 2,500L to 3,000L/ha at a citrus tree height of 4 metres. Apply to run-off as thorough coverage is essential. Apply as a medium to coarse droplet.


Corasil should not be tank mixed with any other agricultural chemicals or foliar fertilisers.


Warm conditions at and around spraying (>18oC) are best.


Avoid drift. Decontaminate sprayer with 1% ammonia solution and clean water flushes. Do not treat trees under stress.

Withholding Period

Not specified when used as directed.

MRL in citrus

Fruit residue at harvest < 0.1ppm in NZ. No Codex MRL established. EU 0.05ppm, Australia 0.2ppm, Japan 3 ppm dichlorprop.

Further Information

See the Product Information section for the product label or call 0800 NUFARM (683 276)