Duplosan KV Product Details

Duplosan KV

Duplosan KV is a selective cereal herbicide, particularly suitable for use in mixtures to control difficult weeds.

  • A systemic foliar herbicide that is effective at controlling broadleaf weeds in cereals and turf grasses.

  • It can be used alone or as a tank mix to provide flexibility and greater weed spectrum in a cereal spraying programme.

  • It is ideally suited to mix with other cereal herbicides such as Agritone 750 and Glean.

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

600g/L mecoprop-P (optically active isomer) as the potassium salt
Soluble concentrate

Weeds Controlled

Susceptible weeds include:

Moderately susceptible weeds include:

Moderately resistant or resistant weeds include:

Black nightshade, Calandrinia, Chickweed, Cleavers, Clover, Cornbind, Docks, Fathen, Hawksbeard, Hedge mustard, Mouse-ear chickweed, Nettle, Redroot (Amaranthus spp.), Shepherd's purse, sow thistle, twin cress, vetch, wild turnip.
Bathurst bur, bladder campion, brassicas, californian thistle, catsear, dandelion, field bindweed, field pansy, fleabanes, fumitory, galinsoga, groundsel, morning glory, pearlwort, plantain, scentless chamomile, speedwell, spurrey, thistles, thorn apple, wild portulaca, willow weed, wireweed
Grasses, mayweed, yarrow, yellow gromwell.

Duplosan-KV is ideally suited for use in mixtures with other cereal herbicides. For example, it may be used in mixture with MCPA to improve control of cleavers, combind, chickweed, speedwell, furmitory, and Californian thistle with Glean® to improve control of cleavers, furmitory and nightshade. Best results will be otained if weeds are sprayed when they are young and growing actively.

Application Information




Cereals: barley, oats, wheat, ryecorn
1.5-2.6 litres/ha alone

1.0-1.5 litres/ha in mixtures

0.75 litres/ha in a mixture with Glean

Use the highest rate when moderately susceptible weeds are present.

Use the lowest rate where weeds are moderately susceptible to both herbicides.

Use the highest rate for control of problem weeds.

For Glean rates refer to Glean label.

Grass lawns

NB: do not use on Cotula or Dichondra lawns

2.4 litres/ha.

2.6 litres/ha.

For the control of chickweed, mouse-ear chickweed, pearlwort, plantains and other susceptible weeds.

For the control of catsear and dandelion

Water rates: Apply 170-280 litres/ha for ground spray application. rates may be reduced to 20-30 litres/ha for aerial application.

Further Information

See the Product Information section for the product label or call 0800 NUFARM (683 276)