Sheriff 100 Product Details

Sheriff 100

Sheriff 100 is an insecticide for the control of caterpillar pests in vegetable brassicas, maize, sweetcorn and tomatoes, thrips and aphids in onions and tomatoes, grass grub beetle on non-bearing fruit trees and non-flowering newly planted shelter belts, Tasmanian grass grub and red legged earth mite in pasture and industrial pests in buildings.

  • Easy to use liquid formulation

  • Excellent control of cutworm and Tasmanian grass grub, and now registered for the control of greasy cutworm and the caterpillars of diamond back moth and white butterfly in forage brassicas.

  • Rapid knockdown

  • Good residual activity on foliage and in soil

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

100g/L Alpha-cypermethrin
Emulsifiable concentrate
1L & 5L

General Information
Sheriff 100 is a pyrethroid insecticide particularly active against cutworm and other caterpillars, thrips, aphids, and industrial pests including flies, spiders, cockroaches and ants. Sheriff 100 provides rapid knockdown combined with good residual effect. Sheriff 100 is non systemic so good coverage is essential to obtain control.

Use Rates
Forage brassicas
Diamond back moth, white butterfly

200-250ml/ha in a minimum of 700 litres of water/ha.

200ml/ha in a minimum of 300 litres of water/ha.
Commence spraying immediately after transplanting and continue at 14 day intervals. Use high rate when infection pressure is high.

Apply at first sign of insect damage.
Maize and sweetcorn
Greasy cutworm, armyworm, corn earworm
For aerial application on mature crops use a minimum of 100L water/ha.
Greasy cutworm: Apply at first sign of seedling damage.
Armyworm: Apply at first sign of infestation and use high water rates to ensure penetration to the base of the crop.
Corn earworm: Apply at first appearance of caterpillars on silks. Repeat at 10-14 day intervals or as required.

Spray as soon as thrips are noticed and continue at 14 day intervals. Try to get the spray running into the neck of the onion where the young thrips are.
Tasmanian grass grub larvae

Red legged earth mite



Apply in Autumn at first appearance of grubs and pasture damage. Use the high rate when larvae are more than 10mm long.

Apply when mite damage (leaf bleaching) is noticed, especially on legume seedlings.

Green peach aphid
20-25ml/100L water
Apply only in the pre-flowering period. Apply at first sign of aphid infestation and repeat as required at 10-14 day intervals. Use the higher rate when aphid numbers are high.
Tomatoes (field)
Tomato fruit worm, aphids
Commence spraying from fruitworm emergence at 7-10 day intervals. Use the high rate when infection pressure is high or caterpillars 20-30mm are present.
Non-bearing fruit trees and vines*
Grass grub beetle
50ml/100L water
Apply at dusk as a moderately fine spray to ensure thorough coverage of foliage. Begin treatment when beetles first appear and repeat as required at 7 day intervals.
*Including berryfruit, pipfruit, tamarillos, avocados and grapes.

Directions for Use
Apply in sufficient water to achieve complete coverage. Add Contact™ Xcel when spraying on hard to wet crops.

Further Information
Click here to go to our products page to download the Sheriff 100 label or call us on 0800 NUFARM (683 276) for more information.