Valdo 800WG Product Information

Valdo 800WG

For post-emergence control of many broadleaf weeds in clover, lucerne, chicory, new and established pasture and maize.

  • Maximum weed control – especially of certain weeds which are poorly controlled by other herbicides (including phenoxy resistant giant buttercup)

  • Many tank-mixing options for optimal weed control

  • Selectivity to a wide range of crops

  • Highly cost-effective weed control

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

800g/kg Flumetsulam
Water dispersible granule

What is Valdo 800WG?
Valdo 800WG is a clover-friendly herbicide, for the control of many broadleaf weeds. Valdo 800WG will control or suppress broadleaf weeds without damaging clovers, chicory or lucerne. Valdo 800WG will control chickweed, fathen, Shepherd’s purse, sorrel, spurrey, stinking mayweed, buttercup (annual and perennial), mallow and willow weed.

Tax mix partner
Valdo 800WG works well as a tank mix with Baton® and Thistrol® Plus to broaden the weed spectrum when spraying new pasture. The use of spraying oil with Valdo 800WG and Baton on pasture will increase clover damage and is not recommended unless the pasture has been well grazed first before spraying.

Directions for use
Apply to weeds in active growth. Do not apply in cold, wet conditions. Always apply Valdo 800WG in mixture with a suitable spraying oil e.g. Bonza® at 500ml/100L of water.

Valdo 800WG Rate
Weeds Controlled
Chickweed, Spurrey, Wild radish, Hedge mustard
Apply before 4th leaf
Amaranthus(Redroot),Cleavers, Black nightshade, Fathen, Shepherd’s purse, Mallow
Annual buttercup, Creeping yellow cress, Yellow gromwell

Apply before 4th leaf

Apply before flowering

Larger weeds (above)
Stinking mayweed, Wireweed, Sorrel
Field Pansy, Henbit, Willow weed, Oxeye daisy
Giant buttercup

Apply to young seedlings
Apply to young seedlings. Suppression only
Apply before flowering

Established pasture
Valdo 800WG may be applied in either spring or autumn for buttercup control. For maximum control of giant buttercup, repeat spring treatments for two successive seasons.

Application timing
New pasture
Apply after the clover has two trifoliate leaves
New and established white clover
Apply after the emergence of the 4th trifoliate leaf and before stolon elongation
New and established red and subterranean clover
Apply after the emergence of the 6th trifoliate leaf and before stolon elongation
Established lucerne
Apply before flowering
Apply at the 4th leaf (90mm plant height) stage
New and established chicory
Apply after the emergence of the 4th leaf

Make sure that spray equipment is correctly calibrated. Ensure complete spray coverage for best results. Do not overspray. Aerial and ground broadcast application: apply Valdo 800WG in 100-300L/ha of water. Use the higher water rate where weeds are dense. CDA application: use the large (250-300 micron) droplet size and apply not less than 30L/ha of water. Trials indicate that CDA application may result in less effective weed control than conventional boom spraying.

Withholding period
Do not graze crops or treated pasture for 14 days after treatment.

Crop Rotation
Do not plant susceptible crops until three months after application of Valdo 800WG. Susceptible crops include all brassica species, sunflowers, lupins and beans. Do not allow spray to drift onto susceptible crops or on land to be planted with susceptible crops.

Further Information
Click here to go to our products page to download the Valdo 800WG label or call us on 0800 NUFARM (683 276) for more information.