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Reducing spray drift with CottonMap

CottonMap allows growers, consultants, agronomists and contractors to plot cotton fields online so you and your neighbours are aware of the location of nearby cotton fields when spraying.

A recent technical upgrade means that is it now easier to register cotton fields with CottonMap, while neighbours can also use their iPhone, tablet or smart phone device to check the location of nearby cotton fields before spraying.

The CottonMap website now recognises if the user is using a smart phone or tablet and shows a simplified version of the website.

It is fully functional with all smart phone devices and provides new features, such as a location function, which brings up the location of the user.

You can also choose a 2.5, 5 or 10km buffer which highlights the proximity to neighbouring fields and quick links to advice on drift reduction and useful information related to correct application.

CottonMap is a joint effort between Cotton Australia, Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC), Grains Research Development Corporation and Nufarm to minimise off-target damage from downward herbicide application, particularly during fallow spraying.

For more information on CottonMap, visit

CottonMap now offers a simplified website for smart phone users.

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