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What is Acrobat SC??

Acrobat SC is the only member of Group 40 fungicides registered in Australia, providing a valuable alternative to products from other fungicide groups for the control of downy mildew or late blight.

Acrobat SC contains 500 g/L of dimethomorph and is the only member of the carboxylic acid amides group (Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines Group 40) registered for use in Australia.

FRMG Group 40
Only member in this Group registered in Australia. Alternative, novel mode of action.
Anti-sporulant activity
Acrobat SC is primarily a protectant. It will also provide anti-sporulant activity in the early stages of disease. Protects against staged sporulation of downy mildew.
Cell wall disruption
Allows activity on different stages of the fungal life cycle as cell wall formation is common to all stages.
Effective against phenylamide resistant strains of downy mildew (Group 4)
Acrobat SC controls metalaxyl resistant strains of downy mildew and late blight.
Must be tank mixed with Penncozeb® 750DF (mancozeb) or Polyram® DF (metiram)
Resistance management and an extended disease spectrum.
Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation
• No dust
• Easier to measure
• Easier to mix
• Improved suspensibility on dilution
• No loss while measuring

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