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Mixing & Compatibility - Phenoxy

Mixing and compatibility

Acrobat SC, in combination with the protectant fungicides Polyram DF or Penncozeb 750DF (mancozeb) provides excellent control of a wide range of diseases. The use of mixing partners is a key strategy to minimise the development of resistance to dimethomorph.

Protectant disease spectrum of
Penncozeb 750DF and Polyram DF

Penncozeb 750DF and Polyram DF are both non systemic, protectant fungicides that display activity against most of the fungal groups. Penncozeb 750DF contains 750 g/kg of mancozeb and Polyram DF has 700 g/kg of metiram.

Both are multi site fungicides belonging to the dithiocarbamate chemical family, which is classed as Group M3 for resistance management purposes.

Penncozeb 750DF and Polyram DF in combination with Acrobat SC will protect against the following diseases.

Latin name
Downy mildew
Gummy stem blight
Alternaria leaf spot
Septoria spot

Pseudoperonospora cubensis
Colletottrichum spp.
Didymella bryoniae
Alternaria spp.
Septoria spp.

Downy mildew
Plasmopara viticola
Downy mildew
Septoria leaf spot

Bremia lactucae
Marssonina panattoniana
Septoria spp.

Downy mildew
Purple blotch
Peronospora destructor
Alternaria porri

Alternaria porri
Downy mildew
Peronospora arborescens
Late blight
Early blight
Phytophthora infestans
Alternaria solani

Green = downy mildew and late blight are controlled by dimethomorph (Acrobat SC)
tank mixed with either Penncozeb 750DF (mancozeb) or Polyram DF.
Other diseases are controlled by either Penncozeb 750DF (mancozeb) or Polyram DF.
Check the registration status of Polyram DF for each crop before use.

Link to Labels, MSDS and Permit information.


Acrobat SC should always be mixed with Penncozeb 750DF (mancozeb) or Polyram DF according to label instructions. Due to the range of mancozeb formulations available, compatibility has not been tested on all products. Users are advised to test the tank mix on a small area of the crop to be treated, prior to use.

Acrobat SC can be tank-mixed with most commonly used pesticides. The compatibility of the mixing partner should also be carefully considered when using Acrobat SC.

Avoid mixing with strongly alkaline or acidic materials.

Mixing process

View the Guide (PDF 1MB)
  • Half fill spray vat with water and commence agitation.
  • Add correct amount of Penncozeb 750DF or Polyram DF as directed and allow to disperse.
  • Add required volume of Acrobat SC according to the label directions.
  • Add remainder of the water with agitation running.
  • Add wetting agent, if required, when spray tank is full.
  • Ensure thorough mixing and constant agitation to keep the product in suspension.

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