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Autumn weed control in grassland - Nufarm UK

Autumn weed control in grassland

September and October is a good time to control weeds in grassland. Weeds are still actively growing and it is an ideal time to control seedling weeds such as Docks, Thistles and a range of other weeds before they have time to compete with the grass. Autumn is the best time to control Ragwort too.

Weed control in new leys

Cirran can be applied to newly sown grass leys which are more than one year old. Lupo can be applied from the 3 leaf stage. It offers excellent broad spectrum weed control of many seedling and perennial grassweeds. It works well on Docks, Thistles, Buttercup, Ragwort and Rushes.

Cirran will kill or damage clover.

Clover safe herbicides for new leys

Clovermax can be used on newly sown grass leys when the grasses have at least 4 leaves and have begun to tiller.

Established grassland in the autumn

Monitor your grassland carefully in the autumn. Seedling Docks can often germinate in the autumn and can be controlled with products such Thrust or Cirran providing grassland does not shield the weeds.

Weeds which have been cut such as Docks and Nettles and allowed to re-grow can also be well controlled in the autumn providing they are actively growing and there is an adequate amount of foliage present. Agritox, Easel and Depitox are cost effective broad spectrum weed control options.

Any weeds which have flowered and are dying off such as Thistles or Nettles will not be well controlled.

Ragwort seedlings are particularly susceptible in the autumn. Products such as Thrust when used with Nufarm crop oil is the best option. Lupo can also give good results.

Always be aware that a good drying period is needed after spraying and never spray if rain is imminent.

Cirran can be used September and October. Thrust can be used until the end of September

Clover safe weed control in established grassland

Squire Ultra is effective on Docks, Cleavers, Charlock, Shepherds purse, Forget-me-not and many other weeds. It is safe on white clover.