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Butryflow - A unique post emergence maize herbicide

For a long time bromoxynil has been an important active for post emergence broadleaved weed control in maize.

Butryflow is a new butyrate formulation of bromoxynil and newly registered in the UK allowing maize growers to continue using straight bromoxynil in the future.

Why use Butryflow?

Butryflow is a contact herbicide which can control broadleaved weeds up to 6 true leaves. Lke all herbicides it has a unique spectrum of activity and will plug the gaps left by other other maize products or can clean up after a pre-emergence herbicide.

Butryflow is a high qulaity European formulation and has an excellent record of crop safety

Key benefits

  • Good crop safety
  • Liquid formulation
  • Controls weeds such as Black nightshade and Fat hen often not controlled by other herbicides
  • A reduced rate can be used for certain weeds
  • Can be used on forage maize, grain maize and sweetcorn

Maize, timing and dose rate


Maximum total dose

Latest timing

Forage maize
1.0 litre/ha
Nine expanded leaves
Grain maize
1.0 litre/ha
Nine expanded leaves
1.0 litre/ha
Nine expanded leaves

Weeds controlled

The following weeds are on the label and are controlled from cotyledon to 6 true leaves. Bromoxynil is also known to control a range of additional weeds. Contact your agronomist for more information

Weed species


Bindweed black
Bindweed field
Moderately resistant
Dock broadleaved
Fat hen
Nightshade black
Moderately susceptable
* These weeds are susceptable at a lower rate of 0.6 litres/hectare

Tank mixing

For information about tank-mixes contact your agronomist. Crop damage may result if Butryflow is tank-mixed with an oil adjuvant

Other crops

Butryflow now has a recommendation for use in bulb onions and linseed. See label for details