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Butyrics are a group of herbicides which are selective in a number of leguminous crops such as peas and clover


Nufarm markets butyric formulations under the tradename Butoxone.

The phenoxy butyric acids (DB and MCPB) were discovered to be active herbicides in 1947.

The Wyke site started the manufacture of DB and MCPB in the 1960's in a dedicated production plant. Since that time many modifications have been introduced to the original process designed to improve quality and output, to reduce waste production significantly and to improve the environmental impact of the process.

Both products are selective herbicides for the control of many common annual and perennial broad leaved weeds in a variety of crop situations. They exhibit excellent environmental profiles and have been shown to pose no threat to the aquatic or terrestial environment under normal use and quickly breakdown in soil and water to harmless metabolites.

Today Nufarm produces many hundreds of tons of each product annually in order to satisfy customer demand from around the world. DB and MCPB are available as both the technical acid and as formulations - supplied in a range of bag and pack sizes. Strict quality control procedures are implemented on all product produced before being despatched by Nufarm Supply Chain team.

Registrations for use have been acheived in key markets throughout Europe, Scandinavia and N.America for MCPB and likewise Europe, Australasia and N & S America for DB; in most markets being sold by NUFARM under the tradename Butoxone.

Looking to the future, Nufarm remains fully committed to maintaining and expanding the production, marketing and sales of Butyric products worldwide. To demonstrate this commitment, Nufarm's registration department acheived DB Annex I listing in 2004 and MCPB in 2006 within the EU registration system.

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