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Maya- A new broadleaved weed herbicide for use in the spring in cereals

Another active ingredient ioxynil will soon be taken off the market. Ioxynil was often sold with bromoxynil in products such as Stellox and Oxytril CM. Maya is a new formulation of bromoxynil and is a worthy replacement for these old mixture products. It is an ideal mixer product with SU's and Nufarm's own phenoxy chemistry

Maya is in a different chemical class to the ALS group of chemistry and is a useful product for resistance management.

Maya weed control spectrum is particularly suitable for the weed spectrum found in spring cereals but is also highly complimentary to the weed spectrum of many broadleaved weed herbicides found in winter cereals

To download a Maya leaflet click here

Download Nufarm's broadleaved weed identification chart

With many new agronomy trainees and young farmers entering the industry now, Nufarm have produced a weed seedling identification chart which is available to download. It is always difficult to identify young broadleaved weeds. This chart shows over 50 weeds species at a growth stage when many herbicides are applied. It is often the case that weeds in the same family are susceptible to the same herbicide. Nufarm have colour coded each species according to the family it belongs to
To dowload a PDF of the weed chart click here
To download a PDF copy of Nufarm's broadleaved weed identification chart click here (518 KB)

Broadleaved weed control in cereals

Nufarm market a large number of products and actives for broadleaved weed control in cereals including tribenuron-methyl (Thor), Maya and a wide range of phenoxy products

These actives are complimentary giving a broad spectrum of weed control.

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Phenoxy guide

Phenoxy herbicides have been around for well over 60 years but they are as relevant now as they were all that time ago. Each phenoxy has a unique selling point and a different weed control spectrum. The leaflet below, which can be downloaded, is a guide to this important group of chemicals
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