Clinic available in IBCs - Nufarm UK

Use of Nufarm products in IBCs & direct transfer systems

Nufarm are able to supply Clinic Ace in 1000 litre IBCs.
The 1000 litre IBC comes equipped with a Micro Matic valve connector. This is supplied free of charge by Nufarm. The small red cap can be removed to reveal the connector. It is a legal requirement that Clinic Ace is drawn out through the top of the IBC in order to prevent risk of spillage. Nufarm recommend the Wisdom FasTran closed transfer system to measure and tranfer the product safely to the sprayer. Nufarm do not supply the FasTran measuring system. Please contact Wisdom Systems Ltd for more information. The only alternative to the use of the Micro Matic valve and Fast Trans system is to fit a lift pump designed for use with agrochemicals connected directly to the IBC in place of the Micro Matic valve. Nufarm do not supply this

Empty IBCs will be taken away without charge when empty providing they are in good condition

Advantages of the system

  • No storage or disposal costs of empty packaging. One IBC is equivalent to fifty 20 litre containers.
  • Valuable time saving on filling - up to one or more fills a day depending on the size of the sprayer.
  • Easy storage.
  • No wash out required.

To the left the clinic IBC is delivered with a free micromatic valve and associated tube to draw the clinic out of the IBC. This tube is now inserted into the IBC by Nufarm prior to delivery. Remove the smaller of the red caps to reveal the micromatic connector

To the right a closer view of the micromatic valve and tube before it is inserted into the IBC by Nufarm prior to delivery

Above a connection to the mixer tank. After connecting the hose and opening the valve the Clinic will be drawn into the mixer tank in this sprayer. Not all sprayers have this facility

Below the FasTran measuring system about to be connected to the Micro Matic valve on the IBC

Above the IBC connected via the FasTran to the mixer tank

To the left a close up of the FasTran measuring device conected to the Micro Matic valve on the IBC

Calibration of the FasTran 850 settings

Wisdom system have calibrated Clinic Ace though the FasTran 180. They suggest a setting of 10. This setting is for guidance only as factors such as changes in temperature can alter the viscosity of the product. This setting only applies to Clinic Ace and no other formulation of glyphosate

Form more information please visit the
Wisdom Systems website