Credit DST - Nufarm UK

Credit DST- with Dual salt technology

The yellow plot shown here is Credit + Bonser. All the plots around it had the equivalent dose rate of various glyphosate formulations

Credit is new, patented form of glyphosate from Nufarm. Credit was first launched in Australia where it has gained a significant share of the market.

Credit contains no adjuvant. This allows the user full flexibility to use the best adjuvant to go with Credit for a given weed problem

Choice of adjuvants

Credit gives the flexibility to use the right adjuvant for the right job. For more information contact your agchem advisor

Nufarm have tested and recommend two specific adjuvants. Bonser is a good all round adjuvant especially for broadleaved weeds. It also has a water conditioning effect making it useful in hard water areas.

Click for more information on Bonser (PDF 96KB)

Binder is the second adjuvant recommended by Nufarm. It shows improved effects against grassweeds and can help make Credit more rainfast which is especially useful in autumn conditions.

Click here for more information on Binder (PDF 87KB)

For more information about Credit contact your agchem distributor