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Crew – New, modern oil dispersion formulation of nicosulfuron

Available this spring, a new, fully wetted formulation of 40 g/l nicosulfuron based on oil dispersion technology. This adds to Nufarm’s growing portfolio of maize herbicides. Crew gives grass weed control as well as a broad leaved weed control and is ideal to be tank-mixed with Butryflow (bromoxynil) which has a complementary weed control spectrum. Crew is physically compatible with all the important maize actives we have tested to date including mesosulfuron.

Key benefits

  • Modern nicosulfuron formulation based on oil dispersion technology
  • Control of grass weeds as well as broadleaved weeds
  • Complimentary weed control spectrum to Butryflow
  • Good tank-mix compatibility
  • Crop safety equal or better than other nicosulfuron formulations

Crops, timing and dose rate


Maximum individual dose

Maximum number of applications

Latest timing

Forage maize
1.0 litre/ha
One per crop
Up to and including 8 true leaves
Grain maize
1.0 litre/ha
One per crop
Up to and including 8 true leaves

Weeds controlled

The following weeds are susceptible and on the label. Nicosulfuron is also known to control many additional weeds. Contact your agronomist for more information

Weed species

Weed timing

Two leaf to early tillering
Annual meadowgrass
Two leaf
Two to six leaf
Shepherd's purse
Two to six leaf

Tank mixing

For information about tank-mixes contact your agronomist.