Green Power System (GPS) technology

A unique formulation of 2,4-D and glyphosate

Kyleo combines glyphosate and 2,4-D in a new state of the art surfactant that allows the combination of 2 actives, that would otherwise be antangonic in the tank. The result is a product that maximises control of grass weeds and broadleaved weeds.

Kyleo allows the combination of 2 actives with different chemical and biological activity.

Kyleo benefits

  • Improved efficacy against broadleaved weeds such as Volunteer oilseed rape and Annual nettle that are not well controlled by straight glyphosate in stubbles.
  • Rainfast and reliable in difficult conditions.
  • Improved speed of action.
  • Unique pH optimised formulation to get the best out of both active ingredients.
  • Lipophilic action for optimum leaf uptake.
  • Only legal solution for using 2,4-D and glyphosate in combination for stubble weed control.
  • Improved grass weed control.

Kyleo with its unique, optimised formulation

  • Kyleo utilises a new unique surfactant system, Green Power System (GPS) technology.
  • Glyphosate and 2,4-D salts are highly hydrophilic- they love water. Nufarm's new formulation is lipophilic- which means fat loving! This surfactant surrounds the hydrophilic molecules thereby facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients through the waxy cuticle. Once in the plant and released from the surfactant system, the hydrophilic (water loving) glyphosate and 2,4-D effectively translocate within the plant.

Efficacy and environmental benefits of Green Power System (GPS) technology

GPS increases uptake of Kyleo through the plant and effectively targets both actives towards the action sites of the plant. This results in greater reliability and faster kill.

There are environmental benefits too as GPS allows for faster degradation in the soil. Kyleo is less soluble so it remains in the upper layers of soil where microbial activity is higher and degradation from light is stronger. This in turn reduces the risk of ground water contamination.

Unique uptake and systemicity

The graph below illustrates the systemicity of radiolabelled glyphosate in OSR 48 hours after treatment. With Kyleo, glyphosate translocates and accumulates in the roots as well as in older and younger leaves. Therefore it controls weeds and volunteers better than any tank-mix.

Kyleo gets a higher quantity of glyphosate in the plant than a tank mix

The diagram below shows uptake of radioactive glyphosate in 48 hours. The more red colour the more glyphosate has been taken up by the plant.

Kyleo Time Sequence

The time sequence below shows the efficacy of Kyleo at 3 L/ha over 6 days after treatment. The arrow points to the Kyleo treated OSR and annual nettle. To the left is the untreated, and to the right are the standard glyphosate treatments. It is clear to see Kyleo works faster on both difficult weeds!

Kyleo in the press

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Kyleo Leaflet

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