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Poppies are a common weed found throughout Europe. This weed is controlled by MCPA. In some areas of Europe this weed is becoming resistant to other herbicides
We market MCPA formulations under our own brand name of Agroxone.

MCPA is a selective hormone-type herbicide, which is absorbed by the leaves and to some degree the roots. Its properties as a herbicide were first discovered in 1945 and it has been sold in various forms commercially since the 1950's.

It is used post-emergence to control annual and perennial broad leaved weeds, including Poppy, Thistles and Docks, in crops such as cereals, rice, linseed, flax, grassland and turf. MCPA is also used in mixture with many other products as it offers a wider spectrum of control.

The Wyke site has been established in the manufacture of MCPA for over 50 years and have developed the market worldwide. MCPA is available as technical acid flake, technical ester and as dimeythlamine and potassium solutions and can be purchased in various combinations including 750 Kg bags to 25 Kg bags (flake), tankers, IBC's, drums or filled on site into 1, 5 10 or 20 litre containers.

A team of skilled, experienced personnel dedicated to the development, registration, production, quality, sale and supply of MCPA support our site at Wyke, England. An area of particular focus, as regulations for the manufacture, sale and supply of agrochemicals become ever tighter, is registration and Nufarm has ensured that the data package for MCPA remains current through membership of USA and EU Task Forces. This has enabled Nufarm to actively support MCPA in the EU Review process with Annex 1 listing obtained in 2006 securing continued supply to our customers.

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