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CMPP-p and DP-p

Chickweed is one of the most competitive weeds in cereals and left uncontrolled will result in major yield loss and harvesting difficulties. This is one of the weeds controlled by the propionic group


Optica is our brand name for Propionic phenoxy herbicides.

The Propionic phenoxy herbicides (CMPP and DP) have been used in Europe since the 1950's for the control of broad leaved weeds in intensive cereal farming. During the 1980's these molecules were launched as a single isomer version of both molecules (CMPP-P and DP-P). These are identical to the original molecule except they provide the same degree of herbicide activity at half the dose rate by isolating the biologically active isomer. This provides environmental benefits by reducing the quantity of chemical released by 50%, reducing the 'food miles' associated with the transport of crop input, and lowering the overall load of chemical in the distribution chain by 50%.

Through research and development the use of the products has spread and intensified over the years. About a third of all world production goes into the American turf market, another third into the key cereals markets of UK, France, Germany and Scandanavia and the remaining third is split into niche markets including the New Zealand pasture market, Canadian wheat market and even used as an industrial weed inhibitor in roofing. The products leave our site in many forms ranging from 1 metric tonne pallets of high purity technical grade, up to 5% solutions in drums.

Nufarm plays a leading role in the development of product defence and extension data. To date over USD10m has been spent on investigating the safety profile of the products in the key trading areas - USA, Canada and the EU. Both products have acheived EU re-registration, CMPP-p in 2004 and DP-p in 2007.

The propionics business is based on established molecules with strong activity against widespread weeds. We market the products under our own brand - OPTICA - in many markets and hold our own end use product registrations in the key markets. The business is back integrated into the key intermediates, including the production of the optical isomer, giving a unique competitive advantage. We will continue to expand the use of our products and derive value from the business.

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