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Thrust is a unique weed killer for the control of Dock, Thistles and Ragwort in established and amenity grassland.

Why use Thrust?

  • A cost effective treatment for the control of Thistles, Dock, Ragwort and many other weeds.
  • A flexible, robust product and can be used alone or or mixed with a range of products. Contact your agronomist for advice on tank-mixing.
  • Can be used by qualified professionals through a knapsack sprayer for control of patches of weed.
  • A top option for the control of Ragwort.
  • No worries about chemical residues or contamination of manure.

Weed size for best control

Thistles seedling or up to 50 cm

Docks up to 25 cm

Thistles are coming into bud.
Apply no later than this stage.
At floweing, treatment is too late.

Ragwort rosette stage

Dock re-growing two weeks after a silage cut.
A good time to apply Thrust.

Rosette stage only.
A good time to apply Thrust.

Too late for application of Thrust.

Advice on Ragwort control

Always apply in good growing conditions. It is often better to treat young Ragwort in September before being frost hardened. If applied in Spring, Ragwort must be no more advanced than the rosette stage. Ragwort is a poisonous but unpalatable plant to grazing animals. Once sprayed or cut it loses its bitter taste so it is very important animals are not returned to the field until Ragwort has fully decayed and become unpalatable. This may take up to four weeks. Any surviving plants should be dug up. Eliminating Ragwort from a field may take several years as Ragwort seeds can germinate for years. The addition of Nufarm Cropoil to Thrust will improve control.

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