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Wyke /3rd Party/Industrial Sales - Nufarm UK

Wyke Manufacturing, Third Party Phenoxy and Non-Agrochemical Businesses

Wyke manufacturing facility

The Wyke site has a long history. It was acquired in 2008 by Nufarm after many years of private ownership in the hands of AH Marks Ltd. Records show original establishment in 1877 as a Picric Acid manufacturer. The current product portfolio includes phenoxy herbicides, glyphosate, inhibitors and other intermediates. Over 300 people are now employed and more than 70 kilotonnes of chemical conversions are carried out per annum at the site.
The major part of Wyke production is sold into the agricultural sector. The site is most widely known as a supplier of phenoxy propionic, acetic and butyric herbicides in the form of CMPP-p and DP-p, MCPA and 2,4-D, MCPB and DB. Our flexible phenoxy manufacturing unit is, we believe, the worlds largest. The site is also a major formulator and packer of Glyphosate products.

The above active ingredients are formulated and subsequently marketed under a number of trade names. The key brands within Europe are OPTICA,AGROXONE,MATON,BUTOXONE and HERBOXONE.

Nufarm offers expertise to develop new herbicide formulations. We have the facility to conduct field trials on commercial farms and maintain close links with authorities outside the UK, in order to establish development programmes world wide. We also have a locally based registration group who ensure that the requirements of the regulatory authorities are met. Nufarm itself and through industry taskforces own the latest scientific data on our products,essential for meeting the stringent requirements of registration authorities worldwide.

Beyond the agricultural sector Nufarm has retained at Wyke some industrial chemical business. This includes toll manufacturing, chemical intermediate sales and the niche Polymerisation Inhibitors Business.

Our inhibitor products include DNBP and a range of stable free radical products or Tempos. Combination of the strong heritage of chemical manufacturing with investigative analytical services has helped the business to deliver products to solve fouling problems in vinylic monomer production across the globe.

3rd Party Phenoxy Sales

For further information regarding sales of phenoxy propionic, acetic and butyric herbicicides please contact Michelle Campbell, 3rd Party Phenoxy Sales Manager. Direct Dial +44(0)1274 696644 Email:michelle.campbell@uk.nufarm.com

Polymerisation Inhibitors and Other Industrial Chemicals

For further information regarding polymerisation inhibitors please follow the hyperlink above on this page or contact Steve Mould, Inhibitors Business Manager. Direct Dial + 44 (0)1274 696649 Email : steve.mould@uk.nufarm.com

For further information regarding toll manufacturing and chemical intermediate sales please contact Dean Moore, Sales Manager Intermediates. Direct Dial +44 (0) 1274 699702, Email: dean.moore@uk.nufarm.com

Alternatively contact Nufarm UK Ltd
at Wyke, Bradford, West Yorkshire,
BD12 9EJ, Great Britain.
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