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Platform herbicide is a reliable and economical product available in the rice market today. It offers time proven control of key perennial broadleaf weeds such as alligatorweed, hemp sesbania and morningglory with the active ingredient triclopyr. In addition to being a proven component in a full-spectrum weed control program, Platform provides flexible application timing – burndown, preflood or postflood – giving you the power to control your own preparation and planting programs.

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Major Crop/Use**

  • Can be applied preplant as burndown treatment, preflood from two-leaf stage to half-inch internode growth stage, and postflood when weeds are well emerged above the water surface.
  • Formulated - less likely to drift to non-target areas and will not leave the target once it is deposited on soil or foliage.
  • Controls costly black-seeded broadleaf weeds.
  • Safe to use on rice when soybeans or cotton is nearby.


  • 2x2.5 gal/case - 36 cases/pallet


  • Triclopyr - 44.4%

*Additional state registrations pending*

**Consult label for additional crop and rate information