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2,4-D LV4 Ester 2,4-D LV4 Ester is a four pound ester formulation used in non-crop situations including on ditchbanks, rights-of-way, drainage and for aquatic weed control. Also controls wild onion and wild garlic in small grains and pastures. Link to SDS/Label
2,4-D LV6 Ester 2,4-D LV6 Ester is a six pound ester formulation for control of wild onion and garlic in small grains and pastures. Also for use on non-crop areas, including aquatic. Link to SDS/Label
AquaNeat AquaNeat is an effective aquatic herbicide for use on emerged aquatic weeds and brush in aquatic and other non-crop areas. AquaNeat is a five pound glyphosate specially formulated for a wide vairety of aquatic applications. Link to SDS/Label
AquaSweep AquaSweep offers outstanding control of invasive and noxious weeds and brush on roadsides, right-of-ways, ditchbanks, aquatic sites, as well as pastures and along fence rows. The first liquid premix with full terrestrial and aquatic uses, AquaSweep is the perfect base for any selective weed control program interspersed with aquatic and wetland areas. Link to SDS/Label
Candor Candor herbicide is an effective low volatile premix that controls most kinds of unwanted trees and brush as well as annual and perennial broadleaf weeds without harming desirable grasses. The post emergence activity of Candor targets woody plants and brush including blackberries and poison ivy. Link to SDS/Label
Clean Slate Clean Slate provides selective, post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds in a variety of industrial vegeation management, pasture, rangeland, and forestry applications. Clean Slate's active ingredient, clopyralid, is known for outstanding post-emergent control of difficult weeds including kudzu and thistle. Conifer, hardwood and established grass tolerances to Clean Slate contribute to significant application flexibility. Link to SDS/Label
Clipper SC Clipper® SC delivers fast and selective control of tough invasive and nuisance plants such as cabomba, watermeal, Eurasian watermilfoil, water lettuce, duckweed, giant salvinia and more. Plus, Clipper SC dissipates quickly from the water column and does not accumulate in sediment. With 4 lb of flumioxazin per gallon, Clipper SC offers easier handling and mixing. Link to SDS/Label
Depth Charge Depth Charge™ delivers fast control of tough invasive and nuisance plants such as watermilfoil (including hybrids), pondweed (including Illinois and Largeleaf), duckweed, watermeal, coontail, and many more. Depth Charges’ unique patent pending formulation of 2,4-D acid and flumioxazin delivers quicker uptake and efficacy, along with greater initial visibility for submerged applications. With two modes of action it is a great resistance management tool. Link to SDS/Label
Diablo Diablo is a water-soluble amine formulation of Dicamba that offers extensive control of brush, vines and broadleaf weeds. Diablo provides perennial broadleaf weed and brush management in pasture, range and non-crop areas. Link to SDS/Label
DiBro 2+2 Dibro 2+2 is a dust-free granular herbicide containing 2% Diuron and 2% Bromacil, for use on broadleaf weeds and grasses in industrial areas. Dibro has been an industry standard for over twenty years. Link to SDS/Label
DiBro 4+2 DiBro 4+2 is a broad-spectrum granular herbicide containing 4% Diuron and 2% designed with additional Diuron for hard to control annual weeds and grasses in non-crop and industrial areas. Available in white or easy-to-see red granules. Link to SDS/Label
Duplosan™ Duplosan™ is a Nufarm-exclusive herbicide that’s been granted a 24c label for cotton stalk destruction in Texas. With excellent control of post-harvest cotton stalks, Duplosan enables growers to maximize the use of Enlist™ cotton varieties. Duplosan is a proven choice for growers who need to control cotton stalks as part of the boll weevil eradication program. Duplosan’s unique active ingredient controls all cotton types, including 2,4-D and dicamba tolerant varieties. Duplosan is available as a convenient liquid-concentrate for use as a broadcast spray.
E-2 E-2 combines three powerful active ingredients to control more than 240 broadleaf weeds while providing safety for most desirable grasses and reducing the potential for resistant weed development. Link to SDS/Label
Envoy Plus® Envoy Plus® Herbicide is a tool for industrial vegetation managers looking for post-emergence control of grasses
such as Johnsongrass, Bermudagrass, crabgrass and quackgrass in public areas. Envoy Plus takes out the problem
grass while leaving non-target plants and trees unaffected.
Escalade 2 Escalade 2 will eradicate most broadleaf weeds from turfgrass and provides unsurpassed control of clover. Link to SDS/Label
Lock Down Lock Down is an excellent tool for resistance management that delivers season-long pre-emergence control of broadleaf and grassy weeds. Its low use rates make it easy to use and store. Link to SDS/Label
Lock Down SC New Lock Down™ SC Herbicide is a convenient, fast-acting liquid flumioxazin that provides excellent residual control of more than 100 broadleaf weeds in the maintenance of bare ground non-crop areas and conifer re-forestation sites. Lock Down SC controls a broad-spectrum of annual and grass weed challenges, including chickweed, foxtail, kochia, lambsquarters, pigweed, ragweed, thistle, spurge, and most broadleaf weeds resistant to glyphosate. Lock Down SC is ideal for weed control near and around guardrails, railroad beds, parking areas, storage areas, industrial sites, roadside and road surface areas where weeds need to be “locked down.” Use Lock Down SC during spring cleanup for long-lasting pre-emergence, or as a post-emergence tank mix partner for stronger knockdown performance. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Diquat SPC 2L Nufarm Diquat SPC 2L Herbicide offers fast, non-selective control of aquatic weeds. It
spreads quickly through the waterto provide broad-spectrum control of floating, submersed and marginal weeds. Plus, with Diquat SPC Herbicide, there's no concern with groundwater contamination or toxicity to fish, other organisms or wildlife.
Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Imazapic 2SL Provides lasting, non-selective pre- and post-emergence suppression of common grasses and invasive and noxious species like cheatgrass and leafy spurge. Helps establish native grasses and wildflowers. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Imazuron With just one application of Nufarm Imazuron™, gravel yards and other intentionally bare areas are rid of 150 annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines. The residual control of Imazuron ensures that new weeds don’t creep up and the dispersible granule formulation prevents nozzles and injection units from clogging. Plus, Imazuron makes an excellent tank-mix partner with other Nufarm products like Razor® and Razor Pro to broaden the spectrum of control. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1 EC Control more than 50 of the toughest insects with Nufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1 EC. Lambda-Cyhalothrin provides excellent residual control and offers the convenience of easy-mixing formulation. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Polaris Nufarm Polaris is a liquid post-emergent herbicide that contains Imazapyr for effective management of grasses and broadleaf weeds, undesirable emergent and floating aquatic vegetation, and many brush and vine species in a variety of settings. Nufarm Polaris provides a multi-purpose label that includes vegetation management, aquatic and railroad applications. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Polaris AC Complete Nufarm Polaris AC Complete offers superior, long-term control of undesirable vegetation in forestry sites, aquatic sites, grass pasture, rangeland, fence rows, wildlife openings and industrial non-cropland areas. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Polaris SP Nufarm Polaris SP is a liquid post-emergent herbicide that contains Imazapyr for effective management of grasses and broadleaf weeds plus many brush and vines species in order to prepare timber tracts for planting. Nufarm Polaris SP provides superb control to a wide variety of broadleaf weeds, brush and vine species and is an economical alternative to mechanical methods. The product encourages seedling survial by removing competition for sunlight, moisture, nutrients and rooting space. Link to SDS/Label
Patriot Patriot post-emergent herbicide offers excellent control for a broad spectrum of weeds and brush in non-crop areas such as forestry, industrial sites and rights-of-way. Patriot is perfect for spot treatment use on noxious and troublesome weeds such as black henbane, bull thistle, clover, locoweed, thistle marestail. Link to SDS/Label
Patron 170 Patron 170 is a woody plant and broadleaf herbicide designed for brush and broadleaf weed control on rights-of-way, drainage ditchbanks, highways and other non-crop areas. Patron 170 can also be used to control noxious and invasive weeds. Link to SDS/Label
Payload® When it comes to keeping railways, roadways and utility grounds manageable and weed-free, Payload® Herbicide succeeds. Payload Herbicide delivers long-lasting, broad-spectrum control and even halts herbicide-resistant weeds. And, the proven mode of action in Payload Herbicide stops tough weeds like kochia, pigweeds, Russian thistle and more than 100 other bareground weeds.
Piper® Piper® Herbicide provides an excellent tool for DOT managers and others to selectively control Italian ryegrass
and other winter annual weeds on unimproved roadsides. Control of Italian ryegrass reduces mowing costs.
Piper Herbicide also releases desirable bermudagrass and bahiagrass, which in turn reduces soil erosion.
Razor Razor non-selective post-emergent herbicide is specially formulated for use in most types of applications, including industrial, forestry, turf, vegetation management and ornamental areas. Razor is a water-soluble liquid 4-pound glyphosate explicitly formulated for specialty applications or broad spectrum control of hard-to-kill weeds. Link to SDS/Label
Razor Burn Razor Burn is a post-emergent, systemic herbicide that is generally non-selective and gives broad spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. Razor Burn is a great product for situations where mechanical efforts are not suitable or other herbicides don't provide the speedy visual results. Controls weeds quickly and easily in ornamentals, bed maintenance, crack and crevice treatments, brush and vine clearing and perimeter treatments. Link to SDS/Label
Razor Pro Razor Pro provides broad spectrum post-emergent weed control for industrial sites, forestry, turf, vegetation management and ornamental areas. Razor Pro, a surfactant loaded liquid 4-pound glyphosate that eliminates the need for additional surfactant, is rainfast within two hours of application. Link to SDS/Label
Relegate Relegate offers ranchers and producers flexible, long-lasting brush control specifically designed for range and pastures. With unbeatable safety to grasses, Relegate offers control of more than 35 brush species, plus many tough broadleaf weeds, ultimately leading to healthier pastures. Link to SDS/Label
Solution WS Highly-concentrated dry 2,4-D formulation for broadleaf weed control. Labeled for quiescent or slow moving aquatic sites as well as certain irrigation canal ditch banks. Link to SDS/Label
Spoiler Spoiler is the highest loaded liquid three-way phenoxy formulation available to the market. The high rates of three different amines delivers unsurpassed broadleaf weed control with reduced risk to ornamentals and dicamba sensitive plants. Spoiler is particularly effective on tough summer annuals such as oxalis, knotweed, pursland and spurge. Link to SDS/Label
Spyder Spyder is a water dispersible granule formulation that offers effective control of a broad spectrum of weeds and undesirable grasses throughout the growing season. Spyder provides preemergent and postemergent activity to control hard-to-kill annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. Link to SDS/Label
Spyder Extra Spyder® Extra contains two active ingredients – sulfometuron and metsulfuron – for outstanding
foliar and residual control of dozens of annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds, as well
as sedges.
Link to SDS/Label
Tahoe 3A Tahoe 3A is a water-soluble amine triclopyr formulation that controls a broad spectrum of brush and broadleaf weeds. Tahoe 3A is ideal for any vegetation management program and is the perfect solution for treating near sensitive sites as it eliminates unwanted vegetation while leaving the surrounding desirable plants and grasses unaffected. Link to SDS/Label
Tradewind® For clear, beautiful waters, count on the systemic chemistry of Tradewind® Herbicide. Tradewind selectively controls hydrilla (even fluoridone-resistant hydrilla), Eurasian watermilfoil and other aquatic plants — with minimal impact on many desirable plants such as spatterdock, maidencane and cattails. Plus, Tradewind is a great resistance management tool and delivers long-lasting residual activity for both submersed and floating aquatic plants. Link to SDS/Label
Trooper 22K Trooper 22K is a Picloram formulation for use on rangeland and permanent grass pasture, fallow cropland, non-cropland and CRP. An excellent choice for most noxious and invasive weeds, Trooper 22K translocates for more complete control of top growth and roots of brush and broadleaf weeds while allowing desirable grasses to thrive. Link to SDS/Label
Trooper P+D Trooper P+D is a Picloram formulation for use on rangeland and permanent grass pasture, fallow cropland, non-cropland and CRP. Trooper P+D controls many annual and perennial weeds, prevents encroaching brush, and is safe to desirable grasses. The convenient premix of Picloram and 2,4-D works fast with quick burndown. Link to SDS/Label
Vanquish Vanquish is a liquid post-emergent herbicide that contains Diglycolamine Link to SDS/Label
Veteran 720 Veteran 720 is a water-soluble herbicide for brush and broadleaf weed control on rights-of-way, fence rows, pasture and range, farmstead and other non-crop areas. Veteran 720 offers economical, wide spectrum control of more than 200 broadleaf weeds, brush and woody species. Link to SDS/Label
Weedar 64 Weedar® 64 is a low-volatile, premium DMA-4 formulation that offers good mixing and weed control of more than 100 hard-to-control weed species that overtake industrial and non-crop areas. This 2,4-D “workhorse” is registered for a variety of settings, including fencerows, roadsides, ditches, right-of-ways, power lines, railroads, airports, and forested areas, as well as rangeland and pasture. Link to SDS/Label
Weedestroy AM40 Weedestroy AM40 is a selective weed killer for control of many broadleaf weeds and brush control in corn, soybeans (preplant), small grains, pastures, rangelands, and other listed crops and non-crop areas. Weedestroy AM40 is also for aquatic weed control, control of trees by injection, and tank mixes. Link to SDS/Label
Weedmaster® Weedmaster is a selective, post-emergent herbicide that provides tough, long lasting control for a broad spectrum of annual, biennial, and perennial broadleaf weeds and brush in grass forages and selected row crops. The growth regulating effects of 2,4-D and dicamba allow Weedmaster to interfere with the normal development of broadleaf weeds, ultimately causing plant death. Link to SDS/Label
Weedone LV4 EC Weedone® LV4 was the first low volatile 2,4-D ester on the market. Its high quality emulsifiers promote good mixing with all grades of liquid fertilizer and provide weed penetration capabilities for hard-to-control species. Link to SDS/Label
Weedone® LV6 EC Low-volume formulation ideal for aerial application. Easier handling and storing. Link to SDS/Label