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    AS-50 An important addition to bean management disease programs, AS-50® helps ensure maximum yield by protecting against halo blight. AS-50 dissolves easily in water for simplified mixing in slurry combinations. It offers excellent seed tolerance and is compatible with other seed treatments. Link to MSDS/Label
    Salient 372 FS Salient™ 372 FS works through systemic action to provide both preventive and curative protection against many seed- and soil-borne diseases including Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, seed rots and dwarf bunt. Salient 372 FS is an excellent seed treatment choice for cereal, cotton and corn crops. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sativa 309 FS Sativa® 309 FS contains tebuconazole for excellent control of many seed- and soil-borne diseases in corn, wheat, barley, triticale and oats. It protects against diseases such as smuts, root rots, and early-season leaf diseases. It can be used alone or with other seed treatment products. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sativa IM RTU Sativa® IM RTU gives you the convenience of proven disease protection and insecticidal activity. Count on Sativa IM RTU for early-season protection against a broad spectrum of damaging cereal diseases, plus it gives you the added advantage of protection against wireworms. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sativa IMF Max From seed decay through early season insect and disease protection, Sativa® IMF MAX from Nufarm is loaded with three fungicides and imidacloprid insecticide to provide top level performance in wheat and barley. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sativa IMF Sembolite Max Sativa® IMF Sembolite™ MAX combines all the protection of Sativa IMF MAX with the nutritional benefits of Sembolite in one convenient premix. Sativa and Sembolite together give barley and wheat crops the best chance for a strong start. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sativa M RTU Sativa® M RTU protects your wheat, barley and oat seed from damaging early-season diseases. It contains two active ingredients for broad-spectrum disease control and outstanding activity on key diseases like bunt, rust and scab. Plus, the excellent formulation helps ensure uniform coverage. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sativa M2F RTU Sativa® M2F RTU is an all encompassing tri-fold fungicide premix seed treatment for wheat, barley, and oat. It provides seed decay protection, smut activity, and control of Rhizoctonia spp. and Fusarium spp. Plus, Sativa M2F RTU has 2X the rate of metalaxyl to deliver optimum Pythium control. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sebring 318 FS Sebring™ 318 FS contains metalaxyl and works systemically to protect the seed, roots and emerging plants against systemic downy mildew, Pythium spp. and Phytophthora spp. Plus, it can be used alone or in combination with other seed treatment products for optimum flexibility. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sebring 480 FS Sebring™ 480 FS works systemically to protect all parts of the plant during germination. It offers excellent control of select diseases, such as systemic downy mildew, Pythium spp. and Phytophthora spp. and may be combined with other seed treatment products for optimum flexibility. Link to MSDS/Label
    Sembolite Sembolite™ 0-0-1 is a nutrient management additive that optimizes nitrogen utilization. As a highly soluble seed treatment it can improve plant and root growth, flowering and fruit set that leads to better quality and yield. Link to MSDS/Label
    Senator 600 FS Senator® 600 FS seed-applied insecticide provides unbeatable protection. It starts working on contact to protect the roots. And with its systemic activity, it keeps protecting young plants to help ensure a good stand. Plus, Senator offers the seed safety needed for proper crop emergence. Link to MSDS/Label
    Signet 480 FS Count on Signet® 480 FS for control of seed decay, damping-off and seedling blights caused by many seed- and soil-borne organisms. Signet 480 FS helps get your crop off to its best start by reducing devastating loss from early-season diseases to help improve your return on investment. Link to MSDS/Label
    SorPro™ 940 ES SorPro™ 940 ES seed-applied herbicide protectant helps protect sorghum seed from metolachlor or S-metolachlor herbicide injury. SorPro 940 ES complements other Nufarm seed treatment products, such as Sebring®, Signet®, Spirato™ and Senator® to help improve plant stands, plant vigor and yields. Link to MSDS/Label
    Spera 240 FS Spera™ 240 FS contains myclobutanil, which protects cotton seed and seedlings from sore shin (Rhizoctonia solani) and black root rot (Thielaviopsis basicola). Spera 240 FS works under a wide range of growing conditions and in varied soil types to ensure healthier, more vigorous seedlings. Link to MSDS/Label
    Spirato 480FS Spirato® 480 FS helps give a wide variety of crops the best shot at a strong, healthy stand. Spirato contains fludioxonil to prevent early-season damage from decay, damping-off, and seedling blight caused by common seed-borne and soil-borne fungi. Link to MSDS/Label
    Spirato IMTM 348 FS Harness the power of three fungicides plus an insecticide with Spirato IMTM® 348 FS. Conveniently premixed and pre-colored, Spirato IMTM 348 FS combines the best of convenience and power – making it a top option for bean crop protection. Link to MSDS/Label
    Spirato M 185 FS The registered blend in Spirato® M 185 FS combines two fungicide chemistries to protect soybean, seed and pod vegetables, rice, and cotton crops. Spirato M 185 FS delivers the performance of a custom blend without the hassles or worry of product availability. Link to MSDS/Label
    Spirato MTM 285 FS Protect soybeans with Spirato® MTM 285 FS. The registered blend of three proven fungicides deliver powerful protection against devasting diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium without the work and worries of a custom blend order. Link to MSDS/Label
    ST Methyl 540 ST-Methyl 540 FS delivers reliable, consistent early-season control against seed decay, seedling blight and seed-borne Sclerotinia spp. It protects roots during critical development stages to improve stands and yield, and can enhance the performance of other fungicides. Link to MSDS/Label